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Essential Oils

I am board certified in Chinese Herbs, which can be extremely effective at helping with many illnesses and chronic health problems; however, in my practice I found that patients were hesitant to use them.

A few years ago I was introduced to using essential oils for all kinds of things, from insomnia to anxiety, pain relief to hot flashes, and even snoring. And I realized something. Many of the plants used to make essential oils are the exact same plants we use for Chinese herbs. We’re just using the plants in a different form. Essential oils are extremely effective, easy to use, easy to get, and patients love them!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile organic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. These are what give plants their distinctive smells, protect plants and help with pollination. The physical and chemical properties of the volatile organic compounds differs from plant to plant, and this is what gives each essential oil its distinctive health properties.

Why use essential oils?

The biggest reason I use essential oils in my practice is because I strongly feel that patients who participate in their own healing, get better faster, and are more likely to remain healthier. Using essential oils for healing is a simple and very easy way to help yourself. And as someone who uses them daily in my own home, I know how powerful they can be!

Here’s another reason I use them. You’ve probably noticed the long lists of side effects for prescription medication and over the counter (OTC) medications. Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t feel good about taking medications, or who tends to have bad reactions and side effects from medication. You may be trying to reduce the medications you need, avoid needing more medications, or you may be trying to keep from needing them at all. Essential oils can replace OTC medications, and can for the most part, be safely used while you are on other medications. Essential oils are a powerful way to help you help yourself, and take back control of your health.

As a health care provider I am very careful about what products I suggest or offer to my patients. Having done research on high quality essential oils, I chose to use  doTERRA Essential Oils, and am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA. If you have any questions about doTERRA or what products they offer, please feel free to look through my doTERRA weblink:


Essential Oils - Prairie Spring Acupuncture Clinic in Palatine, IL


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