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8/17/18 - "Due to lower back and sciatic problems which I'd had for years,
I decided to look into acupuncture. Little did I know, my life was
about to change. I found Prairie Spring Acupuncture Clinic on the
Internet. I spoke briefly to Kathi Wotal and made an appointment.
Acupuncture is cumulative, so sometimes it takes a few treatments to
make a difference. In my case, however, I had immediate results.
My back improved after the first treatment. I have been going to Kathi
for about 3 months. The results of the treatments and Kathi's care have been
like a miracle to me. Kathi knows what a patient needs and when.
I highly recommend Prairie Spring. In fact I have recommended her
to 8 of my friends. So if you have chronic pain, give Kathi a try!
Very pleasant, upbeat personality.....very positive attitude.
Your money's worth, and then some!" R.L.

"Initially I came to Kathi for a knee problem I was suffering (from). My right knee had always had chronic pain and I was two months away from beginning my training for a half marathon. The treatment had amazing results in that the pain subsided to the point where it did not impede my activities whatsoever.

I had suffered depression most of my life, being on antidepressents for the last 20 years. Kathi mentioned that depression is very treatable by acupuncture. In conjunction with treating my knee she began treating for the depression. The results were amazing. The depression subsided considerably with each treatment. The treatments continued for approximately two months and I was able to not only train for the half marathon but successfully completed the half marathon with absolutely no knee pain whatsoever. The depression treatment was amazing in that over the course of the last 20 years no other solution other than antidepressants was available to me. I would recommend Kathi and acupuncture to anybody who is suffering from either physical or mental pain." - M.C.

"I first met and began acupuncture treatment with Kathi when I was experiencing severe sciatic nerve pain, which I battled on and off for 20+ years. It was the first time I went for acupuncture, and I found Kathi to be calming and nurturing as she listened to my symptoms, then asked me questions, took my vitals, and prescribed the right course of treatment. Her needling technique was equally as warm and soothing. I was able to relax while the needles were inserted and worked their magic. The very next day, after just one of her treatments, I experienced noticeable relief. After her second needling for my sciatica, I had complete relief. Kathi continued to needle me for rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and feet. Again, her accuracy on where to needle and expert technique had a wonderful effect on relieving my arthritis pain. Every needling session with Kathi is extremely successful as well as enjoyable. A few times I was needled by someone else because of my work schedule; no one has even come close to Kathi's nurturing personality and needling expertise--she is the holistic package. Skilled. Warm. Accurate. Effective." -L. S.

"I had the opportunity to be Kathi's patient. I was really impressed with her skills and knowledge. The way how she takes cares of her patients is amazing. She gave me a treatment protocol to treat an ovarian cyst which according with my dr required surgery but after treatments I didn't have to get my ovary removed. I consider Kathi as an exceptional practitioner." - M.A.

"Kathi is a superb acupuncturist and a skilled healer. She blends knowledge and compassion to successfully treat any health concern that crops up. Time and again, she impresses me with her wisdom and compassion. I recommend you schedule an appointment with her today!" - W.E.

Testimonials - Prairie Spring Acupuncture Clinic in Palatine, IL

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